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The speed of decision-making for business owners depends on the efficiency of the systems used in providing accurate information in a timely manner, so the system of managing and monitoring the arrangements and the following operational plans and related initiatives, programs, projects and performance indicators and comparing them with the ratios of immediate achievement, which contributes to the ease of follow-up and addressing the shortcomings and the speed of making the right decisions at the right time and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the different departments.

E-portals: One of the most important mechanisms which ensuring the integration between users, information, systems and work procedures within the institution

  • a. Internal portals
  • b. External portals
  • c. Integration with internal and external systems:

Integration with internal and external systems:

i. Integration with external web services.
ii. Integration with resources management systems
iii. Integration with Business operation management systems and work cycle
iv. Integration with management communication systems
v. Integration with content management and archive systems (ECM)
vi. Integration with notifications and messages systems (SMS, EMAIL, etc)
vii. Integration with various identity management systems

The most important features of the strategy follow-up management system

  • 1. Saving time and effort in preparing, reviewing and following up strategic and operational plans
  • 2. Extracting all kinds of reports necessary for follow-up and monitoring first and foremost.
  • 3. Helping decision makers to make the right decisions at the right time.

Some of the most prominent features and components of the system include

1. Dashboard: The main board to form a holistic view of all components of the strategy and executive plan and its indicators and the extent of achievement.

2. Plan panel: where strategic and operational plans can be launched in more detail

3. Goal board: where it shows all strategic and operational objectives

4. Specialized board: starting from the screens of initiatives and the programs, projects and tasks that follow.

5-Strategic and operational performance indicators and achievement: where all tasks and progress are presented and deviation from the planned performance indicators with specialized screens, helping to make the right decisions at the right time.